Bad Girls Club| Season 3 | Reunion Special Pt. 1

Scene : Los Angeles, California

Italics & Bold : Scene playback

Italics: Girls Talking during the scene

Underline: Girls Interview before the reunion

Bold & Underline: Preview of the reunion

Scene cuts back to the reunion stage

“I’m your host Kevin Hart and tonight on the part 1 of a part 3 bad girls club reunion.” Kevin smiled at the camera. “This season has been called the craziest of them all, and it pretty sure was.” He nodded his head, “And all of the girls that have contributed into this season, are all coming back, just to throw down one more time.”

"Bitch, If I’m going to hit you, Imma hit you." Jennel stood up on the couch, putting her hands up as she looked at Brie, "What’s good?" She tiled her head a bit.

"I hope you guys missed me, because I’m going to give you bitches a hell of a ride." Jennel smirked, before she flipped her hair.

"Bitch you’re wack, you’re fucking weak!" Nikki screamed as she stood up, looking over at AJ. "You’re nothing but a bop ass crazy cry baby, ass bitch." She pointed over as they were across from them on the couch.

"Bitches think a messed up eye can brake me." Nikki shook her head before laughing, "Think again bitch, we have something in store for all of you."

"You’re mad  cause I look better than you, and I can take any nigga that you’d want bitch." Kim stepped over to Teyana, waving her hand in her face, "Insecure ass bitch." She mushed her face.

"You guys didn’t see what happened in that house." Kim shook her head, "Everyone knows not to fuck with me, and I’m here to remind them all." She snapped her finger.

"I don’t give a fuck." AJ sang as she skipped to the middle of the stage, before flipping her hair. Skipping over to Nikki she said, "I beat your ass." She smiled as she skipped over to Brie, "And I can damn sure beat your ass." She smiled.

"Bitches don’t get it." AJ shook her head, "I’m the baddest bitch, get the fuck over it, you all are just a bunch of fucking losers."

"Hold up." Brie put her hand up as Azealia was in her face, "Bitch, who the fuck are you?!" She yelled, "You stayed in the house for one fucking week. One fucking week, bitch."

"These girls think they’re bad, bitch you are not bad." Brie shook her head, "We got something for all of you."

"Hold up." Teyana looked down as she took off her shoe, "She coming over here like she’s going to do something." She looked over at Kim, "Go ahead." She nodded her head.

"Wow, some of you bitches are boring." Teyana flipped her hair, "Why are you even here? Oh yeah, because of me. I got something for you."

Scene cuts back to Kevin

"Those were just some of the girls that had an impact to this season." Kevin said nodding his head, "But all of them are coming up, let’s go see how they are doing."

Scene cuts to AJ, Jennel, and Kim’s dressing room.

"I know the twins are going to try to come out swinging." Kim opened her lollipop, as she looked up at AJ who was putting on her converses. "I know they are." AJ shook her head as she fixed her hair. "But what’s the motto?" AJ looked over at Jennel as she smiled.

"Talk shit, get hit." Jennel laughed as Kim smiled and shook her head, "We can all fight I really don’t give a fuck." AJ spoke putting her hands up, "If they talk about my boyfriend again, I’m leaving giving another bitch a cookie on her face."

Scene cuts to Teyana’s, Brie, and Nikki’s room.

"Yo." Teyana laughed as she looked into the mirror, "I’m so ready bruh, I’m so ready." She said as she put her fists up. "You got beef with Kim, right?" Brie asked as Teyana shook her head.

"Beat her ass." Nikki shook her head, "Everyone on their side can get motherfucking slapped." Nikki banged her hand on the chair as the stylists were doing her hair as Brie laughed, "AJ thinks she’s probably slick, uh no, bitch." Brie spoke, "Jennel too."

"Oh, I can’t wait." Nikki laughed, "Watch."

Scene cuts to Cher’s and Holly’s room.

"If I have to fight, I sure will." Holly nodded her head as she looked at Cher, "I don’t care what Kim has to say or the other’s, I really don’t give a fuck." She said a Cher narrowed her eyes. “You know whatever, happens, happens.” Cher shrugged.

“We all know it’s going to be a wild ride.” She smirked.

Scene cuts to ther interviews

“This reunion is going to be insane.” Cher nodding her head, smiling.

“Any bitch that comes to me and I wanna step up, I’m stepping up.” AJ said, “Period, I don’t give a fuck.”

“I’m waiting and I’m ready for this reunion.” Holly said pointer her finger, “I’m not fan of fake ass bitches.”

“These girls don’t know what’s in store for them.” Teyana shrugged, and “I want them to step to me.” She pointed her finger into the camera, “Matter of fact, I dare a bitch to step to me.”

“I can’ t wait to go out there.” Brie said, “And be the bad bitch that Iam, and look good while fucking your ass up, along the way.”

“We don’t give a fuck tonight.” Nikki nodded her head, “Anybody can get fucked up.”

“The reunion starts now bitches, I hope your ready.” Jennel waved her hand as he looked into the camera.

Scene cuts to Kevin

“Hi everyone, it’s your boy Kevin Hart.” Kevin smiled into the camera, “And I’m glad that I can be your horst for the second time in a row.” He put two fingers up, “But enough about me.” He laughed, “I’m here to introduce you to the girls that made it to the end of this season.”

Scene cuts to Holly, Cher, Nikki, Brie, Kim, AJ and Jennel coming out.

As Nikki took her seat she looked over at Brie, rolling her eyes as AJ and Jennel sat on the couch across from them.

“Damn bitches are quiet tonight.” AJ smiled as Jennel laughed, Nikki rolled her eyes as Kim ran her hands through her hair, sitting next to Brie.

“I thought y’all was gone run up.” AJ went at the middle of the stage as she clapped her hands, “Talking all that shit on twitter bitch, what’s good?” She went up in Nikki’s face.

“Wait, we ain’t even start the damn show yet.” Kevin laughed as he looked at AJ, “I don’t care.” AJ looked over at Kevin who laughed, “These bitches wanna talk about me, my man, everything that I do, what’s good?” She moved in Nikki’s face.

“What you need to be worried about is getting out my face.” Nikki waved her hand in AJ’s face as AJ stepped back, “So go ahead and do something, what’s good?” AJ gave her some space to get up.

“You’re just trying to make yourself relevant.” Brie said as she looked at AJ, Kim shook her head as she looked over at them.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch.” Jennel said pointing over at Brie as Nikki took off her heels, standing up. “Was anyone even talking to you?”

“Woah, you guys need to chill. We ain’t start yet, yo.” Kevin tried to get up but as soon as he got up, Nikki had punched AJ in the face, “Oh, shit!” Kevin yelled as he stepped back.

AJ grabbed Nikki’s hair wrapping her hands around it, making sure she got a tight grip as the security tried grabbing them both. Punching Nikki in the head three times, Nikki tried to knee her as AJ pushed her by the couch, sending them both on the couch as AJ tried to get on top of her.

“No bitch.” Brie said as she tried to get up and get AJ off her sister, “Don’t even try it.” Jennel got up as the security tried holding her back, as Brie stood up, “The fuck are you going to do?!” She screamed as she tried hitting Jennel and security was in the way.

Throwing two blows to AJ’s head, Nikki tried grabbing her hair, as AJ kneed her in the stomach, almost eblowing Nikki in the face she pulled her hair.

“We got two motherfuckin’ fights going on and we ain’t even start!” Kevin yelled out as the crowd laughed.

As the security grabbed AJ by her waist she tried getting out of their grasp, “Not, fuck that bitch!” AJ yelled as she squirmed, trying to get up on her feet. “Fuck her!” She yelled as the security was still trying hold Jennel and Brie back.

“Oh my god.” Kim laughed as she stood up, putting her hand over her mouth watching AJ get put back stage.

“No fucking class.” Holly muttered to herself as Cher shook her head.

Scene cuts to Brie and Jennel.

“You’re a fake ass bitch.” Jennel tried to hit Brie in her face as the security held back, “Touch me, I dare you.” Brie moved closer as tried getting over, slapping Jennel in the face. “Fucking bitch.” Jennel mumbled as she reached over, grabbing her hair as she had a tight grip swinging her head a bit as the security tried to break them up.

Punching her head once Jennel pulled her hair once more as Brie tried grabbing her hair. “That’s enough, take her backstage.” The security said as they got Jennel off of Brie’s hair sending her back stage as everyone tried to calm all the girls down.

“I’m going to need everyone to calm down.” Kevin went at the middle of the stage, “Because you guys are bugging, right now.” He said as the crowd laughed.

“Because those bitches think some one fucking scared.” Nikki sat back in her seat, “Nobody’s fucking scared.” She said as Kim looked at her.

“Okay, as AJ and Jennel cool off.” Kevin said, “This was a question for you all, how was it living in that house?” Kevin asked them all.

“I think it was pretty hard.” Kim said as she looked at everyone, “Even though I wasn’t there the longest like some other’s, it’s hard being in a house and living with someone you don’t get along with, and it’s hard controling your actions when you want to choke the shit out of them.” Kim put her hands up as Kevin laughed.

“I wasn’t that hard.” Brie spoke up, “When you’r e in control.” She smiled as Holly rolled her eyes, “Bitch we weren’t in control of anything.” Holly spoke point her finger, “Who are you?” Brie looked over at her right side, “Because you were irrelevant.”

“Even Kim was more relevant than you and she had less air time.” Brie put her hands up, “Shit, fucking Ashley was fucking important than you.” Brie said as Nikki laughed, Kim shook her head laughing.

“Shut the fuck up.” Holly said, “You’re so dumb.”

“I might be dumb bitch I make more money than you bitch.” Brie pointed as Nikki clapped, as the whole crowd “Oh-ed.”

“Anyways.” Holly said trying to get on the next topic.

“I mean it was pretty hard for me.” Cher spoke up, “But it got better once you learn how to control your temper and what not.” She nodded her head.

“Well said.” Kevin nodded his head, “Speaking of the past, we have one bad girl who came in real late, and left real fast as soon as she came.” He laughed, “Everyone welcome, Teyana.” He waved his hand.

Scene cuts back to Teyana’s moments

I wish you would.” Teyana got in Kim’s face as she pushed her back, “I wish you fucking would.” She got in her face.

I’m little but I have a badass attitude, like just don’t fuck with me. I don’t care who you are and who you be with, just don’t.” Teyana shook her head. “It’s not gonna be pretty.”

Bop ass bitch.” Teyana snatched from security trying to hit Kim again, “Bitch!” She screamed as they sent her outside.

I just want to party and have fun, but no.” Teyana shook her head, “Bitches want to ruin it.”

Scene cuts back to Teyana, Jennel, and AJ coming out as AJ and Jennel sat in the audience.

Kim rolled her eyes as she saw Teyana. “What’s up, you ready?” Teyana looked over at Kim as Kim stood up. “Yo, chill you just got here.” Kevin laughed as Teyana rolled her eyes, and sat back in her seat.

“You better fuck her up.” Jennel said as she looked at Kim, “What’s up, you want it?” Teyana looked ove rat Jennel, “Bitch shut the fuck up.” Jennel waved her hand as AJ laughed.

“She coming up here, coming for everyone like she going to do something.” Kim sat back in her seat as Teyana sat in her seat, taking off her shoes.

"Hold up." Teyana looked down as she took off her shoe, "She coming over here like she’s going to do something." She looked over at Kim, "Go ahead." She nodded her head. As Kim got up she walked over to Teyana.

First of all.” Kim said walking over to her, “You had no reason not to like me bitch.” She spoke as she reached over to Teyana’s side, “You got mad at me because I was do what I wanted to do, and what you wanted me to do.”

Excactly.” AJ nodded her head.

Nobody is mad bitch.” Teyana stood up as her and Kim was face to face.

"You’re mad  cause I look better than you, and I can take any nigga that you’d want bitch." Kim stepped over to Teyana, waving her hand in her face, "Insecure ass bitch." She mushed her face.

“I’m insecure!” Teyana yelled as she grabbed Kim’s hair, hitting her in the head once. As the security pulled Kim by her waist, she gripped Teyana’s hair, swinging her hand constantly as she threw three blows to her head, not letting go out of her hair.

Teyana reached, trying to grab Kim’s hair, but ended up hitting her once in the head.

The security broke them up as Teyana tried to hit Kim once, “Run up, then!” She yelled as she tried pushing security off of her. “Run the fuck up, bitch.” She spat at her as Kim tried running past security. “You’re such a boss ass bitch.” Teyana spoke as the security backed her up.

“You’re such a boss, but you had to go fuck some nigga and move in with him because you were to broke to live in Atlanta anymore.” Teyana said as the whole crowd “Oh-ed”. “Fuck this.” Kim mumbled as she got past security’s grasp. As they were close together Teyana swung her hand, hitting Kim in the face once as Kim reached over to grab her hair, kicking her in the stomach once.

“Bitch ass bitch.” Kim mumbled as she swung her other hand, punching Teyana in the face twice, before mushing her face. Teyana reached over to grab Kim’s hair, but instead scratched her. “The fuck!” Kim screamed as punched Teyana’s jaw once and the security held them back.

“It’s the reunion bitch, you thought I was gone let you get away with that shit?” Kim said as Kim stood up in the middle of the stage.

“Yo this is crazy, and it’s only the first part.” Kevin shook his head, “We gotta go, but you should be get ready for next week.”

[Screen Cuts Black]

"Well, the baddest bitch is leaving bad girls club. I have no regrets and I whooped two girls asses, I feel really good about it." she laughed. "I know i’ll be missed like come on it’s me for god sakes.". she puts her hands up and points at herself. "See you girls soon and cara and cher be ready at the reunion." she blows a kiss.





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